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When your wife or your mate away from you or having an affair, usually there are some unusual behavior that can be used as a sign of infidelity in her life. Although already married or still dating, sometimes appears a suspicion of each other although has committed to mutually faithful, open and honest. (read in Bahasa)

There are several reasons or perhaps many reasons as cause of your spouse fidelity unsteady and try to turn away from your life, boredom, commitment curb, selfish, and many other reasons, the worst reason when the mate leaving you is that he has not love you anymore.

Wife has an affair because they think the others is better (a cheating wife)

When a wife has an affair, he had assumed that her lover is better than the husband, some couples having an affair because of fear of the consequences, on the other story an affair wife basically don't want to lose her husband.

How to know if wife has an affair

However, a traits or behavior of wives is not enough to be used as signs of infidelity of wife, here I will share my story of, a traits of wife while trying to make a relationship with her ex lover

How the way to make a wife tell the truth

Expect honesty from wife when she have an affair is very difficult, he dared expletive to make sure her husband didn't accuse him about infidelity, she will admit there are infidelity in her lives if caught in bed with another man, not only caught when chatting alongside a road, by social media or by phone.

Known the traits or behavior movement If a wife has an affair (a cheating wife)

Here is a traits or behavior unusual or as characteristics of infidelity of wife.
  1. Expensive makeup whereas before usual makeup 
  2. Prefer to dress without asking for advice
  3. Protect her mobile phone
  4. to make sure everything is fine, he occasionally left the husband to access her cell phone, but when the husband holding the mobile phone, the wife will staring at the phone that is being held by her husband. This can be seen with the corner of your eye when your wife seem fear if some data in her mobile phone has not been removed. 
  5. Wife will do all the needs of households with haste
  6. If your wife is a housewife: You will see in the house look messy, if usually a mess, then will more mess. why your wife not clean up the house? whereas he always at home? This happened because your wife was thinking of other things, make plans and other things about her love with someone.
  7. He became irritable and easily upset  
  8. Seem happy if going out of the house alone, but a quite silent and like confusion when accompanied by husband

Is it true that your spouse has an affair?

Parents say "If it mate, anything that could jeopardize his relationship is sure there is definitely a premonition", but not until you are called as the jealous, tell her "Honey ... is currently happening is something that endanger our homes?" .... then see how the reaction.

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